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September 2018

November 2013

Favourite Magazine Pin-up?

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The picture may not be that clear, but it’s obvious what it is…yes, even in those days we had pretty girls posing with sports cars!

This was taken from a Triumph Owners’ Club Magazine. The picture is said to be from the 1970s. Can the car lovers out there guess what car this is?


We thank Charlie Choong for lending us the magazine.

June 2012

Ipoh Motors

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Here’s a photograph of Ipoh Motors – yes, the same Ipoh Motors which was once a familiar sight along Brewster Road. It is said that the building was previously the premises of Cycle & Carriage Co. Ltd.

Any idea as to WHEN this photograph was taken. We think it’s the 1950s – since Ipoh Motors did move off to another premise, leaving the building empty for some time…

March 2012

The ‘Hill Climb’

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The Perak Motor Club‘s history¬†goes back as early as 1907. The¬†popularity of the club¬†can be¬†owed to the “large numbers of European tin miners and rubber planters and the ubiquitous, wealthy, mining Towkays” in Perak – who ‘contributed’ to the vast number of motor cars in the state. This picture was taken during the Tapah/Cameron Highlands Time Trial, which was one of the many events organised by the club.

From the number plate (PK 6207), we can deduce that this was before the war. Note how the passenger leans out to the side as the driver takes the corner; this is done to balance the car as it turns.

Sometimes, the driver can’t really control his car…..as this second picture shows. (We hope both the driver¬†and his passenger escaped unharmed)

Such races did go on well after the war (you can read a little about Tom Wilson’s experience here). Does the Perak Motor Club still organise such events? Have YOU witnessed/taken part in any of these events? We’d like to hear your views ūüôā

These pictures are from Yeoh Lam Swee

October 2010

The Family Car!

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Here we have pictures of a family car, taken in the late 1950s in Kampar. These pictures are from Charlie’s personal collection – yes, this beauty (car shown above) was Charlie’s FAMILY CAR!

This one shows the same car…with the hood down.

Oh, what a treat it would be…….to ride in such a car in this modern age!

What was YOUR family car?

August 2010

‘Classic Rides’

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How many of you remember them? The cars,¬†I mean…..yes, the MGA and the Austin 7!

Notice the Austin’s number plate – P 236. I wonder how many Austins there were in Perak back in 1959. Same with the MGAs.¬†Anyone had the pleasure of driving an MGA or Austin? The boy in the dark pants seems to have ‘chosen’ his favourite ride……Nothing like a classic car, eh?

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