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October 2013

February 2011

ACS, Ipoh

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It is said that the main building of the Angle Chinese School (ACS) was ‘erected and opened in 1914’. It was also said to have a ‘landmark, Edwardian-style building’ which stood ‘parallel to Lahat Road’. Interestingly, this building was designed by C H LaBrooy! (for more on ACS, click here)

This picture here was sent to us by Ignatius Chew. Do you recognise anyone?

September 2010

A Curious Shophouse in Falim

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While in Falim some time ago, our friend Charlie stumbled upon this curious building (picture above).

Not to be confused with the ‘lions of Hugh Low Street’ – but they DO somehow look similar.

These ‘lions’ have been ‘living’ in Falim since 1906. We wonder what this building was BEFORE it became Syarikat Electrik Kong Ah. Anyone knows?

Perhaps someone out there used to live here? We await your thoughts and comments…..

August 2010

The Falim House

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Foo Nyit Tse started off as miner, under Foo Choo Choon; he later opened his first mine in 1898. In the 1920s, Foo Nyit Tse (who by then was a well known mining Towkay) built Falim – ‘a self contained housing estate, with a large num of low cost terrace housing and 40 shop houses’. Falim, which means ‘beautiful forests’, is located along Lahat Road; between Ipoh and Menglembu.

Here we have Falim House – Foo Nyit Tse’s mansion, which was built across the road from the shop houses. It was at this very mansion that Towkay Foo entertained the Who’s Who of Ipoh society back then. The picture above is the front view of the mansion; notice that on either side of the porch, there is a red, stone lion.

This picture is a side view of the mansion; on the left of the picture, seems to be what once was a courtyard Рperhaps Towkay Foo had open-air parties too?

We thank Leong Yew Kee for providing us with these photos.

May 2010

Ipoh’s ‘Puduraya’?

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I’m sure many of you out there recognize this place!

Today, it’s mainly a stop for the inter-city buses – since Medan Gopeng now handles the inter-state services. But the place is still BUSY!

Such buses (as in the picture) are still around today, along with the new air-conditioned buses too! The roundabout has had a make-over of sorts: with a peculiar arrangement of labu sayong and flowering plants. Those trees on the top left corner have made way for a petrol station.

Has anything else changed?

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