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August 2012

The Teachers of SMJK Poi Lam, 1970

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We’re featuring another photograph about SMJK Poi Lam. From what our donor (Veronica Woo) told us, the Poi Lam Alumni will be having a gathering this Saturday. With that in mind, how many of you former Poi Lam teachers/students recognise this (see below)?

This is a photo of teachers of SMJK Poi Lam, Ipoh during the school general assembly on 12 November, 1970.  SMJK Poi Lam, a Chinese-based secondary school,  was founded by the Perak Hock Kean Association in 1955.  In the early years, the school started off with only three classrooms and an enrolment of 120 students.  Then, in 1962 SMJK Poi Lam was granted status as a government-aided school.  The first principal of the school was Mr Ng Cheng Aik who retired in 1976 after 21 years of service in the teaching profession.

November 2011

A Grateful Participant of the ipohWorld Blog

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We received the following by email.

Click photo to enlarge.

A Grateful Participant of the ipohWorld Blog

Cmdr Ian Anderson has brought out the best of every Ipoh person who had participated in the Ipoh World Blog.  Despite the diversity in schools, ACS, St Michaels, Anderson etc. Ipoh World participants seems to have a spiritual empathy for Ipoh and are proud of their heritage, irrespective of the social economic background of their parents;  whether they were, from the tin industry (from tin mining towkays to the humble dulang washers),, food industry (from big restaurant  owners, coffee shop owners to humble fried noodle hawker) , white collar workers (from high ranking public servants to humble clerk) and blue collar workers (from developers to the humble brick layer), One great denominator stands out, ie. They“`all love Ipoh.

In my brief participation with Ipoh World, I came across Ipoh people who currently living in Ipoh, other parts of Malaysia and even overseas.  Again, their comments were also diverse, from the very serious comments to the humorous ones.  Although some comments may be considered outrageous, they were never offensive. 

I have seen many blogs in the net and some of them are extremely political, some are offensive, some are used for propaganda, some are vulgar (in language) and others show extreme views.  However, Ipoh world ranks among the respectable, educated, moderate (views) and friendly blogs in the world.  Here is another feather in the cap for the watchful eye Commander.

Through Ipoh World, I was able to join in many conversations about Ipoh and at the same time, connected me to some old friends in Ipoh and classmates from my alma mater, ACS Ipoh after a 47 years absence.  By reading the blog, I can say that I am not the lone benefactor.

When I was in Ipoh in early November this year, I had the privilege of meeting Cmdr Anderson and his Hakka wife, the ACS Ipoh OBA committee, and speaking to the senior forms of ACS Ipoh.  All these activities were made possible through an initial connection to Ipoh World.  May I take this opportunity to publicly thank Cmdr Anderson, SY Lee, LMS136, uv@valiant knight, IpohGal, Cheah Tong Kim (Ipoh’s Malaysian Olympic Swimmer& my classmate), ACS Ipoh Principal Mdm Soot and many others who had made my trip to Ipoh really meaningful, nostalgic and worthwhile.

The enthusiasm generated by my last Ipoh visit and the encouragement  from the leadership of ACS Ipoh Alumni,   has resulted in a drive to form the ACS Ipoh Alumni (Australian Chapter)..  For those who are Australian residents, please send expression of interest to acsipohalumniatoz@gmail.com.

July 2011

It’s Ipoh and they are Aeromodellers

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And that is just about all we know about this picture which we are led to believe was taken in the 1960s. So come on guys and girls, stop looking at all those Bersih videos and photos and help us out with this one please. Judging by all the cups, shields and other trophys they must have been pretty well known.

No sooner had I asked for a photo of the above group’s reunion photograph, Merrill Leong provided this one.

Merrill added the following:

“Attached is a single photo of the reunion mentioned by CK Leong. The lunch meeting was held at a room in Mun Cheong Restaurant which was being prepared for a wedding dinner; the two names on the wall have no bearing on the group of guys gathered. Let’s see whether your readers can match up who’s who from the two photos. Of course not all present in the black and white picture are in the newer one, and there is one person in the coloured photo who is not in the other.”

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