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  1. Anne Foo says:

    Wow! It hasn’t changed much looking at it from this angle…especially the pool! But that’s probably why I still like the place till today…it still has a certain old world charm to it…

  2. Nicholas Jennings says:

    My sisters and I used to spend most afternoon, after attending class at the British Army School in the morning, at the swimming club. It was a great place to hang out, cool off and play with friends. While the kids swam and played, parents chatted and sipped their gin and tonics. The club held regular swimming contests and music nights. My younger sister remembers taking part in a dance competition to Chubby Checker’s “The Twist” and winning (she was the youngest on the dance floor)! This would have been early 1962.

  3. Daphne Power says:

    The Ipoh Swimming Club was a great part of our lives. My late Husband, Pat Power. played water polo and Club Races. Both my children, Angela and Sean learnt to swim there. That was over sixty years ago. It was a fun place and much went on. I felt quite ‘home sick’ viewing the photos. So many memories We were Members from 1949 to 1969

  4. ika says:

    Hi Daphne and welcome to ipohWorld. Memories are what we are all about and if you have any photos of your time in Ipoh we would love to post them to encourage memories in others. Anything you have could be scanned (preferably at 600dpi – quite normal these days) and sent to us at info@ipohworld.org. Anything sent will be credited to you.

    We look forward to hearing from you again.

  5. Elaine says:

    The settings of the Club is still almost the same. The differences are just some newer roofings and shades, fences, new jacuzzi and wad pool, and taking away the water fountain. Though I had started going to the Club in the 80′s, it really looks similar to the picture above. Good memories there….

  6. Sean Power says:

    Hi Daphne..its your son Sean here…the one who learnt to swim at the club. You taught me! I would go there every day starting off in the kids pool and almost drowning while trying to upgrade to the adults pool. Nicholas Jennings, I also went to BAC school. I must know you as I remeber that exact twist competition that you sister was in and your name rings a bell…amazing!! Later in the 60′s, as I got older, I started to organize parties there. The best event, however, was that every Xmas, Santa would jump out of a british army helicopter by parachute with his presents…later, to our horror, my friend Colin Medlycott and I, were to find out that it was only a dummy dressed as Santa being thrown out of the copter and the real Santa was hiding in the bushes at the landing point….the fix was on!! Hillarious! They had the best curry puffs and french fries. There was movie night as well. Ah!! those were the days!

  7. felicia says:

    Hi Sean. good to hear from you again. could you tell us MORE about the BAC school? we’ve been trying to find out more but seem to be hitting dead ends along the way…. :)

  8. Nicholas Jennings says:

    Sean, good to connect with you through IpohWorld. We must know each other from back then, as your name also rings a bell! My sister Alison and I attended the British Army School in the early ’60s and spent every day at the Swimming Club. Among our friends were Ian and his sister Elizabeth Turnbull, although we’ve sadly lost touch with them. I can still see the school, in my mind’s eye. It was situated on Tiger Lane near the Army Barracks, with quite a cosmopolitan enrolment (English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil students). We used to play a game called rounders (similar to baseball) in the schoolyard. Our dear amah, Ramah (yes, that was really her name!), walked us home to our house at 141 Jalan Abdul Jalil–to make sure we didn’t get bitten by any deadly snakes along the way! Any chance you have photos of the school?

  9. ika says:

    Wow, if only someone can come up with photos of or from the British Armt School, that would really make Felicia’s and my day.

  10. lizlundin2004@lycos.com says:

    My family and I went to Ipoh Swimming Club (during the 1950s), all the way from Batu Gajah! I took part in swimming galas and won a couple of prizes: a green purse, and even a small trophy cup (the latter, I still have). In those days, I was Betty Moffat, and attended Ipoh Convent as a boarder. We usually went to the club on Sundays, swam, and then had lunch. I remember the delicious curry puffs! After spending all day (almost!) in the pool, I was then dropped off for another week at Ipoh Convent: (then named,’The Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus’). There were seven Moffats altogether, at that time, in my family. My twin brothers,(who lived in Tiger Lane) often played water-polo at the club. I do recall also spending Christmas day too, at the club. It was a big part of our lives. And I also remember wonderful murals of aquatic subjects (two mermaids, I think) in soft pastel shades on the cream walls up by the bar (I believe). I last visited the club in 1993 and was saddened to see alterations (to the interior especially), which didn’t (in my opinion) enhance the building.

  11. Ruth Iversen Rollitt says:

    The Ipoh Swimming Club! What happy memories. That’s where I learnt to swim and that is where I taught my son to swim too! In the mid 60s I was secretary to the Club and enjoyed my job keeping things in order, sitting in the Cowshed under the present restaurant. We had wonderful parties and great fun. My father, B M Iversen renovated the Club and my brother, Per designed the furniture in the new Mermaid Restaurant. The logo – still in use today, I am happy to see, was designed by my late sister-in-law, Vivi Iversen. When I left Ipoh I became a life member – but that does not seem to work any longer and sadly I am not allowed to use the facilities when I visit Ipoh. Apart from that I am delighted to see how well the Club is maintained – just as beautiful as in the good old days.

  12. Charlie says:

    Hi Sean,
    I used to know the Medlycotts in Ipoh. I’m not too sure which, but one Mr Medlycott was the last expatriot General Manager of Perak River Hydro Electric Co. in the seventies. Maybe you know my uncle, Douglas Hemnell or my cousin, Philip Hemnell. We too used to spend a lot of time at the Ipoh Swimming Club. Sundays, we would also go to the Lumut Yacht Club to take our boats out for a spin around Pangkor Island. Those days, there were no resorts whatsoever on the open sea (western) side of the Islands, and if you had your own boat, then any beach you go to will be more or less your own!

    • Sarah Clacy says:

      I remember Ian Medlicott as he was a friend of my fathers. He now lives in Perth, Australia. Patrick, my brother, and I were regulars at the swimming club and would go most days after attending Tenby School during the morning. We also used to spend weekends at Lumut and my dad was president of Lumut yacht club in the early 70′s. We had a boat and would head over to Pangkor most weekends. My most memorable trip was going over on a boat that belonged to Bill Fricker, a larger than life character, which sank after it hit a reef just off Pangkor. We all had to swim to the beach. I must have been about 7!

  13. Judi Jones says:

    What a strang feeling seeing the names above. My surname is Simon and I am the youngest of four. Michael, Wendy,Roger and Judi. we used to visit the swimming club every week and left Malaysia in 1969.My father worked for Perak Hydro. We were friends with the Medlycotts(Rex, Colin and Carol) now in Australia I believe. I must have photos somewhere.

  14. ika says:

    Hello Simon, welcome to our world, ipohWorld. Good to see you here and do look out those old photos. They can be sent to info@ipohworld.org preferably at high resolution scans (say 600dpi). We would love to share them with our readers.

  15. wendy Lewis says:


    My sister Judi Jones (nee Judy Simon)told me about the site, and memories came flooding back once viewing it. I remember you Sean Power as it was me that actually pulled you out of the adult pool at the swimming club and I remember your Mum buying me a coke to say thankyou. We swam at the club every saturday, and went to loads of parties. Judi and I went to a Convent School in Batu Gajah and came back in 1969. My name then was Wendy Simon. Does anyone remember the Phillips family?

  16. Sum says:

    Hi Everyone, I happened to come across this link while looking fondly back at my old hometown Ipoh. I was one of the local boys who also frequented the Ipoh Swimming Club but during my time there it was known as the Kinta Swimming Club. I started going to the Club in the mid 60′s. I believe at that point in time, the Club was open to the public.

  17. ika says:

    Hi Sum, I am not sure which swimming club you used to attend. Do you remember where it was please? It could have been in Silibin Road when it was called the Kinta Swimming Club, or just off Gopeng Road – the Ipoh Swimming Club. There is often confusion about this.

    By the way, do you have any photos from those days to share with us please?

  18. Sum says:

    Hi ika and thank you felicia for your welcome. ika, come to think of it, I am now certain I have confused myself with the Kinta Swimming Club for the Ipoh Swimming Club. Come to think of it, I do remember bits of the Ipoh Swimming Club but only from a distance. When I was a kid my parents used to take my brothers and I to visit relatives who lived not far from Dairy Lane and somewhere along the way we would have driven along Tiger Lane and within the vicinity of the Ipoh Turf Club and the Ipoh Swimming Club. I seem to also recall a tennis club around the area. I also used to visit a very good school friend (the Wilkins) who lived in one of those beautiful “Chinese Towkay” mansions along Gopend Road.

  19. Christine Tay says:

    On looking up old photos of Ipoh I came across this website, which was very interesting. I went almost daily with my brother, Tim, and parents to the Swimming Club (Paul and Pam Tay)when we came home for holidays from the boarding school in the UK. And I recall the Powers family who contributed earlier. I well remember the swimming carnivals and also the Spider(coke and icecream blend!) drinks served at the Club. I have some photos of the club in those days so maybe I can dig them out.

  20. ika says:

    Hello Christine and welcome to our world, ipohWorld. We are always delighted to receive photographs either originals or good scans (say 600dpi) and if you can dig them out we shall be very happy to receive them. We ask for that level of resolution so that they may be enlarged for exhibitions. Donors are always credited.

    Scans may be sent to us at info@ipohworld.org and we can receive up to 20MB at one time. We keep our fingers crossed you can find them.

  21. Rex Medlycott says:

    Dear Sean Power,
    lovely to hear of your cyberspace existence. I recall your Dad, his moustache, and that marvellous Zenith World Radio Receiver! Top ISC snacks? Toasted tomato sandwiches, chocolate cake slices,
    Did you not consume chicken a la king? I went for the Texan pepper steak on a steel plate from the Mermaid room.

  22. Rex Medlycott says:

    Other ex-pat kids include: Neil Boughton, Anne & Mark Thuell, the Beazleys, the 3 Britton sisters, Pam, Claudia, Ann-Marie, Elizabeth Palmer [Osborne & Chappell] Elaine & Gillian Palmer, the 2 Rowley sisters [Kiwis], Fiona Bolton her pal Serena Wood [Army] John & Pam Allen [Scots] Joyce Underwood [Wearne Brothers]
    Pascal [France], Kathleen Hunter [Perak Hydro]

  23. Daphne Power says:

    Hi Rex, I would never have believed I would be contacting you by computer. I am not sure if Sean has been in touch with Colin. I recall that your father was very kind to my daughter Angela and her husband in the 70s when they went to Ipoh. I have never been back. Pat died in 1976 of cancer. I remember you as a kid as tall and skinny. Let me know about your family. Daphne Power

  24. Rex Medlycott says:

    Dear Daphne,
    pleasce accept my belated condolences.I’ll pass on your remarks to Dad who lives in West Australia with Colin & Carole in nearby suburbs. Carole married and has 2 grown up kids; Colin and I never married-I’ve lived in London the past 16 years. I don’t recall being tall as a child-but I am over 6 foot now! Mark Thuell was a tall, skinny boy. Rex M.

  25. Wong Ying Leong says:

    Ipoh Swimming Club – how I miss it! It is one of my favorite places! My parents were members from around 1970 to 2005 when they passed. It is the best place to swim, socialize, hang out with your friends, and we’ve gone to come of their movie nights when I was a teen. One of my good friends and I even did our homework and class notes regularly there. My younger sister and brother were in teh club’s swimming training program. I have moved away from the country and everytime I visit Ipoh, I wish I could go there. Last but not least, they have delicious fried noodles, fried rice, ice kacang, curry and a few other items. – Wong Ying Leong (Ying Qualls)

  26. tan leng keat says:

    Yes old memories. Your dad would sit far away in the airconditioned theatrette or whatever But i was told his eyes were watchful of us playing in the water

  27. Tania Gotzes says:

    I have a picture of myself in the BAC school gingham uniform (1964)somewhere. I’ll try and find it and then send it on. Perhaps someone will recognise me from those days. We used to go to the Ipoh swimming club too. I remember drinking cream soda or cherryade as a treat. It’s funny how certain smells and tastes are so vivid after all these years.

  28. Nicholas Jennings says:

    Tania, I might well recognize you from your photo. Hope you can find it and have it posted on IpohWorld. One of these days, with any luck, we’ll get to see photos of the British Army School and more of the Swimming Club!

  29. wendy Lewis says:

    So many memories came flooding back from Rex Medlycott as the Simons knew the Medlycotts so well. Rex, I remember your Father having some great go karts and we used to drive them round your drive in Ipoh! Please send my best wishes on to them. Your parents and mine were great friends (the Simons). Unfortunately my parents have both gone, my father first, after which my Mother married Jo Talbot (Tin mining in Gopeng). They have both since died. The Swimming Club was the centre of everything in those days, and I at the club.
    Wendy Lewis (used to be Wendy Simon)

  30. Rex Medlycott says:

    Hello to Wendy and Nick Jennings. Sorry to hear of your loss, Wendy;I recall your parents well. What was the species of monkey you kept at Batu Gajah? The two go-carts Dad built! There is a super 8mm film of you, Wendy as a passenger in the red go-kart which had a Rolls-Royce gearbox! Birthday parties at home were a childhood highlight with cakes shaped as areoplanes or sea-liners.

  31. Wendy says:

    Hi Rex
    Great to hear from you. The ape we had in Batu Gajah was a gibbon called Coco. He was given to the zoo in Kuala Lumpur when we left Malaysia but unfortunately he died there.
    I really miss my life out there and would love to go back to that beautiful country.
    How are Carole and your Mother?

  32. Gavin Service says:

    Goodness me.What a surprise seeing this. I well remember the pool and swimming there and winning small cups which I still have.My family lived at Batu Gajah,my father Harold Service being in the Geological Survey. I recall the curry puffs which my twin brother David and I used to enjoy.

  33. ika says:

    Gavin, welcome to our world, ipohWorld. We are happy to see you here. Do you have any photographs from that era you would like to share with us please. We would be delighted to receive some at high resolution – say 600dpi, emailed to info@ipohworld,org.

  34. Mark Thuell says:

    googled my name and came across this delightful site after my old friend Rex Medleycott mentioned me.Happy,carefree memories of a very special place at a special time.We all spent so much time in the water and were all great swimmers ensuring that the galas were very competitive.
    The food was always amazing and there was no greater treat than staying for lunch.Inche Kabin with a cold cherryade was my favourite and of course the curry puffs

    • Mark Aitken says:

      hey Mark……hope all is well with you . Been a long time since we went to Tenby School !!!
      Jacqueline and your sister were same age I think ……I am in Jakarta working …..couldn’t stay in Scotland …the weather got the better of me …

  35. Ian Macduff says:

    I’ve just chanced upon this web site while looking for Gopeng Road. My family – Ken & Brenda Macduff, my sister Sheila, and I used to live at #140 Gopeng Road until we left for NZ in late 1955. Before that, we LIVED in that Swimming Club – and of course the name Pat Power was part of my family’s conversation. Wonderful memories of the swimming competitions, the Highland dancing! Dad’s name will be on the board in the Club as one of the Past Presidents.

    Mark Thuell ! ! ! Your family was best pals with mine for goodness’ sake – your parents, Mary & Peter was at the heart of the Club. And your Dad’s love of Lagonda’s led to my Dad buying one in NZ in the late 50s, and I learned to drive in that car.

    Gavin Service – one off the service twins – also came to NZ, Dunedin I recall.

    My word, what a great site!

    Ian Macduff

  36. Ian Macduff says:

    Ika – I’m pretty sure I can rustle up some photos of the 1950s Swimming Club, which are bound to include members of the Power, Thuell and Service mobs at least. I’m back in New Zealand at the moment (I live in Singapore these days) and will rummage through the family archives.

    My Mum, Brenda Macduff, is still alive at 98, living in a rest home in Torbay, Auckland. She’ll love to hear that there is this web site (even if she won’t really understand).

    Ian Macduff

    • Charlotte Mather says:

      Dear Ian
      I too adored the Swimming pool. We were there from 1952-1955.i attended the Covent of the Holy Infant Jesus.. And my younger brother had a joint governess with the Critchley Samulsons (army). During out time we had the Lancers and Hussars in Ipoh. Polo was also huge fun. My father Brent Hutton Williams was information officer in Ipoh. We lived at 4 Towers Road.
      I have just returned from a trip there . ALL the names of the roads have changed!!, I did however find my old home.. Now the Chief of Police,s residence! I went back to the swimming pool….. And was so pleased to see the front of it was pretty well unchanged . Memories flooded back of lime juice and sugar and chips and of course the famous curry puffs . I signed the guest book! I was amused by the club secretary who took me into the bar and told me to look at the photos , she suggested I might find my self in one! I looked at the date.. It was 1920!

  37. ika says:

    Hi Ian, welcome to our world, ipohWorld.

    We don’t mind the typos as long as we get the memories (and hopefully the photos).

    If you can send us scans at 600dpi or better that would be splendid and they may be sent to info@ipohWorld.org. Several people have been asking for us to upload swimming club photos so it would be great if you can find them. All submitted photos will be used either on this blog or our database – or both and donors are credited.

  38. ika says:

    True to their word Ian and Sheila Macduff have sent in some photos of the swimming club in the early 1950′s. And they kept their promise in less than 24 hours! Look out for some of them this coming week.

  39. Ian Macduff says:

    A note to Daphne Power from Ian Macduff: Daphne – Sheila and I mentioned to our Mum, Brenda, that we’d come across this web site and the thing that initially attracted my attention, apart from seeing the old pool, was the note from you and your mention of your late husband Pat. Mum was intrigued to hear all the old names – Power, Thuell, Service etc and, when Sheila dug out some old copies of the Ipoh Swimming Club Annual Gala programme, that brought back a flood of memories. Within the next few hours you should see a scanned copy of the cover of one of those programmes, with a drawing by Pat.

    May I ask you where you are now? Mum would love any brief snippets of news. She’s in Torbay Rest Home, on the North Shore of Auckland – and in pretty good shape for a 98-year old, though mobility and memory are understandably diminished.

    I also have a memory that you and Pat bought me a kit set model aeroplane for my 5th birthday in Ipoh, handed over at what was then number 140 Gopeng Road (the house is long since gone). But the kit set was far too advanced for me, involving balsa wood struts and tissue paper over the wings. Pat took it home to assemble but I believe it crashed on its maiden flight!

    Mum and Dad never went back to Ipoh – apart from Dad’s trip back in 1956 to sell up his partnership in the law firm, Gibb & Co to a Mr William Balasingham

  40. Gavin Service says:

    What an interesting response from Ian Macduff.I did wonder what happened to Sheila and Ian.
    How great that Ian’s mother is still alive.
    Both my parents Harold and Tephany and my older sister,Jonette, are dead.
    I live in Wellington,NZ as does my twin,David.
    David and I left Batu Gajah in Dec 1954 to spend a year in boarding school and the rest of the family followed a year later.
    The swimming pool at Ipoh served me well as I managed to take 7 seconds off the record for one pool length for under 10′s in a competition in Dunedin in 1955.
    I’ll see if I have some photos

  41. Ian Macduff says:

    Hi Gavin – good to hear from you! How long have you been in Wellington? I loved there for about 30 years before leaving to go to Singapore just 4 years ago. And we were back there last week to meet the new grandson. We head back to Singapore this weekend but will be back in NZ in mid-July and I plan to come back to Welly so there may be a chance to meet up for coffee/wine/dinner etc. I recall also that Sheila trounced the local swimming talent in a competition in Tauranga shortly after we arrived – so that wound have probably been early ’56.

  42. Trish Niblock says:

    Does anybody have any photos of Ipoh Swimming Club back in the late 40′s 1947 onwards and… I have some in a box somewhere.. will find them and send.

    Trish N

  43. ika says:

    Hi Trish. we will be delighted to receive your photos. Presumably you will scan them for us and if you can manage to do that at 6oodpi that would be perfect. They can then be emailed to info@ipohworld.org. You will be credited as we display them.

    Of course, we are always pleased to receive original photos when they are no longer needed. We hate it when people just throw them away.

  44. Ian Macduff says:

    Trish – are you by chance related to Cicily and Tony Niblock? If so, they were gret chums of our parents. And Dad used to play golf regularly with Tony.

    Ian Macduff

  45. Gay Hannah says:

    Hi Trish,

    Had dinner at Sean Power’s lovely restaurant “The Supper Club” in Phuket last night and see Daphne when we are back in Canada. She lives in Vancouver and we live in Whistler but spend five months in Phuket every year.

    Was in England in September and had a wonderful few days with Ruth Iversen. I hadn’t seen here for over 40 years so we had a lot of catching up to do.

    And now I see your name on this marvellous website. Didn’t you also go to Kobeelya in West Australia? I was there from 1952 to 1955. Where do you live now.

    Gay Hannah (Cluer)

  46. Trish Niblock says:

    Hullo Gay

    Yes I was also at Kobeelya from 52′ to ’55 and I remember the name Hannah… was this your maiden name? and remember the Hannah’s in Ipoh but cannot put any faces to the names!…such is the challenge of being oh so mature…

    Were you at Tanglin in the Cameron Highlands?

    You’ll have to scan some photos!!!

    Now I am freezing cold…. with ice and snow creeping up to the front door and living a few miles outside Edinburgh! I visited Edinburgh on my way to Oslo and stopped off overnight as I had always loved bagpipes from Tanglin days….. when you will remember – if you were there – that we used to listen to the pipes being played by the Black Watch or the Gordon Highlanders 10/11 year old… I married a Scot and here I am in the most awful weather we’ve had for years!!!!!!!

    Where are you? Somewhere warm I hope!

    Best wishes


  47. Trish Niblock says:

    Hullo Ian

    I have just emailed Gay Hannah. I remember the name but my memory for faces is not good.

    Tony and Cicely were my relatives. Tony was my father’s brother and Cicely his very young and lively wife. After they were married they came straight out to Ipoh and stayed with us in Thomson Road. I was nine… and gave them two dead stag beetles for a wedding present.

    Sadly Cicely died last month and had one son – Timothy. They were a lovely couple.I think that Tony was about 15 years younger than my father.

    I asked Gay if she was at school up at Tanglin? Were you?



  48. Ruth Rollitt says:

    What a joy to read all the comments with names that remind me of the good old days. Ian you and your team really know how to bring joy to our hearts! All we ‘children’ from Ipoh remember our lives there so fondly – we were so lucky to live there! Your website is WONDERFUL! Thank you!

  49. Anne Cook nee Wilkinson says:

    Hello Ian
    Not sure if you will remember me. Eldest daughter Anne, of Mary and Alec Wilkinson. Yr wonderful father was our family solicitor and family friend. I am shocked to learn of Sheila’s sudden death this year. Only found it tonight when searching for Sean Marks on back of today’s NBA choice of Valerie Adams young brother. Astonished to also learn that Brenda may still be alive. Alec died 2008 at 95, Mary still here 92 but limited mobility. I visited yr Mum 2007 with mum and dad at her Torbay home. I will show Mum these photos as This is where Mum and Dad met (Ipoh swimming Club) and spent time there myself as a young child. Wonderful site to stumble upon and please send my regards to Brenda and sympathy to you all for Sheila.
    Penelope Anne Cook

    • Ian Macduff says:

      Hi Anne – pardon the delay in replying but I don’t visit this site so regularly, and have only come back today as I’m thinking of taking a quick trip up to Ipoh from Singapore this coming weekend. I do indeed remember you! How great to have the contact. And thank you for your words about Sheila – it’s coming up to 2 years since she died, May 12th. Mum is still ticking along, having just had her 101st birthday – and one of the reasons for quick trip to Ipoh is so that I can report when I go back to NZ next week. Mind you, nothing will be the same – even Gopeng Road has been renamed.

      All the best


  50. Lizzie Slothouber says:

    Hi there,
    I’ve accidentally stumbled across this site and what a flood of memories have split forth … I was known as Elizabeth Old – eldest daughter of John Old, Dundee, Scotland (92 in Feb) who used to work for Osborne & Chapel as their Purchasing Manager.

    We migrated to Perth, Western Australia and joined Barbara & Ainsley Haslegrave (turned 80 early 3 weeks ago) and Ian Medlycott of Perak Hydro (turned 90 3 or 4 weeks ago)… there’s a few others but I don’t know all the names …

    It’s amazing to see names I was familiar with growing up at the Kinta Swimming club and Ipoh Swimming club … Medlycotts, Theulls ect …

    Ika – I will have a look around Dad’s stuff.. only the other day he said I was welcome to fossick through .. leave it with me .. I don’t know how much I’ll find .. he’s be clearing up his paperwork like crazy of recent .. see what I can find …

    Last October 2012 – we travelled & caught up with Mike Joll (ex-Osborne & Chapel and now back in Cornwall, UK) It was great to catch up with our old neighbour Mr Mike Joll, whom I remember when I was under 7yos … we lived in Pesiaran Tambun … last year we visited him in Cornwall, UK and it was soo nice to see that he had co-authored a book with David Palmer called: THE OSBORNE & CHAPEL STORY (Tin Mining in Malaysia 1800-2000)

    The authors donated the book to Muzium Gopeng and all proceeds of books sold at the Muzium will be used to publish the history of Gopeng town and promote it’s future.


    Cheers, Lizzie Slothouber (nee Old)

  51. felicia says:

    Hi Lizzie, welcome to the blog :)
    yes, please do go through your dad’s stuff…we welcome anything and everything that contains a story or two about Ipoh in the olden days.

  52. Mark Aitken says:

    Fantastic to see this website having lived in Ipoh , attending Tenby School until 1966……remember the Swimming Club well and have revisited on two occassions in 1984 and again in 2010 . My father David Aitken was Town Planner both in KL and Ipoh , and presently lives in Lundin Links, Fife , Scotland with my mother Alice. Returning to Scotland we kept in contact with the Dennings,Thuells, Forrests, Harpers, Elricks, Pattinsons, Stimpsons…….and others.

    If you are in Ipoh go check out Jalan Aitken and Jalan Aitken 1……… Yap Lim SEng of Ipoh Gardens kindly named the road after my father.

    Great memories when we were youngsters back in Ipoh……

    • Cheong Si Yun says:

      Hi, Mr. Aitken, Im a uni student from Kuala Lumpur.Im doing a project about public housing which your father were involved. Can i have some information about your father,Mr. D. A. Aitken, is like what project have he involved or which company he worked before. Can i have your father basic personal information if possible?Please reply me when u see this comment.Thank you.

  53. Annette Rome says:

    Incredible. We lived in Malaya from 1964 – 1968 near Tapah and would go swimming at Ipoh Swimming Club every Sat. Dad was an engineer on the Batang Padang Power Station and Jor dam. We lived in a tiny little settlement in the Cameron Highlands inhabited by English and German families. I, too, learnt to swim at Ipoh SC. Have some super8 footage of the club. Is there a place where people are loading footage as I have it digitised & can load? I remember the Sadlers and a lovely doctor called Dr Kamitz (sp?). He was German I think and had a very beautiful wife. He also kept a monkey.
    Very fond memories of fried eggs with baked beans for lunch at the club (sad but true). Can’t believe I missed out on the samosas.

  54. ika says:

    Hi Annette,welcome to our world, ipohWorld. It is always great for us to receive new memories of days gone by in Ipoh and I am sure there will be other readers who remember you. You mentioed the possibilities of your uploading your digitised Super 8, but unfortunate;y that can only be done by us on these pages.

    However, all is not lost as there are other options. If you have Facebook you could go to our Facebook page where you should be able to upload yourself. Alternatively you could upload the film on YouTube and we could embed it from there. Finally, you could send me a DVD by registered post and we would pay the costs incurred. This is our preferred solution as it gives us a library copy as well. I hope we shall see the footage before too long.

    That leaves me with one more question. Do you have any photos you could share with us. We love to receive scans at resolution of 300 or preferably 600 dpi and they can be sent to me at info@ipohworld.org.

    Anything we receive will be credited to you.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you.

  55. Patrick Mugliston says:

    Hi, I just love that photo of the club, just the way I remember it from the 1960′s. My brothers Michael and Geoffrey and sister Mary all learned to swim at the club as of course did I. My mother Joyce was, I think, secretary for a while of the club in the early 1960′s and we children spent our lives there. I loved in when the army marching band played in the gardens. Chicken in the basket was my favourite from the menu. We went to Tenby. My father Frank was an accountant. Thanks to everyone for sharing their memories. Patrick

    • Mark Aitken says:

      Hi Patrick we were at Tenby School together and lived next door to you guys. We used to climb through a hole in the hedge to get to each others houses. Michael and I were the same age .

      • Patrick Mugliston says:

        Hi Mark, Great to hear from you. I do remember the hole in hedge and the excitement of climbing through. We were really not allowed to do that, which made it more fun. I remember there was a very nice atmosphere at your house. Also, I have a vague memory that your house did not front Gopeng Raod but was to the back of ours? I think we were very lucky to have gone to Tenby. My education went down hill from there. I needed strict discipline to keep my ‘free spirit’ in check. Patrick

  56. Leong Khuan Mun says:

    Annette, would appreciate if you could let me know who your dad was. I was working there during the same period with the CRE office with hall the English engineers . The Germans were the contractor for the Hydro Project Scheme. Used to spend a lot of time at the club house in the settlement.

  57. Jan Evans says:

    What a great website! I remember the Ipoh club well as being part of a very happy childhood. We went to the BAC school in the morning, finished about 1pm and then spent most of the afternoon swimming in the pool and using the wonderful library attached to the club. I remember the swimming galas and competing against the Turnbulls who always seemed to win all the cups! One of the Turnbull girls also taught me to ride if I remember rightly. I also remember the Medleycotts who lived nearby (we lived on Woodward road) and I remember the go carts they used to zoom around in.
    Plan on returning to Malaysia for a visit next year after 53 years – I’m sure there will be changes but the colour and vibrancy will still be there. Interesting to see that the swimming club is on airbnb – I might well be booking in for a bit of nostalgia.

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