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  1. Tung Teik Leong says:

    Mrs. Soh, Mr. Ho Kai Cheong, Mr. Manikam, Mr. Timothy Chee are some of the teachers I recognize. Can you point out who is who?

  2. felicia says:

    Hi Tung. Unfortunately, we don’t know anyone in the above photograph.
    However, since you mentioned some names…perhaps you could tell us if they are in the photograph?

  3. Chuah TC says:

    These are Form 1 teachers circa late 1970s. I believe there are some trainee teachers as well.

    Standing from left:
    Encik Harun, Mr Damian Wong, Mr Timothy Chee, ?Unknown?, Mrs Chua, ?Unknown?, Mrs Tan Yin Seong, ?Unknown?, ?Unknown?, Mr Michael Wong, Mr Tan

    Seated from left:
    ?Unknown?, Mr Theng Kew Tet, Mr Clement Manikam (Form 1 moderator), Bro Director, Mr Michael Ho Kai Khoon, Mrs Soo Fook How, Ms Theresa Lee.

    Mr Theng passed away not too long ago, to anyone who is interested – I saw his obituary in the papers.

    I presume this photo is from the Michael Ho collection – and thank you for sharing them in the database IpohWorld.

    • felicia says:

      Thank you for the names, Chuah TC.
      Yes, this is from Michael Ho. We’re currently sorting out the photos he gave us, and putting them up on our database.

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