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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

Here are two more school photos with almost no information.

Again we seek your help please: Which School, Which Class and What Date?

Photograph C. THis one said to be Class 3C, 1971, but which Convent?

Photograph D. Said to be Class 4B but when?

We look forward to your advice.

More to come over the weekend. Keep on looking!

  1. thunderchild says:

    The second photo is of St Michael’s Primary School. Headmaster sitting in the middle is Mr Lim Guan Choe and Assistant Headmaster on his right is Mr Khoo Kok Hean. At a guess, this is taken in the 60’s and before 1971, which was when Mr Lim Guan Choe retired.

  2. thunderchild says:

    The first photo was taken in Main Convent. I recognise the steps and the noticeboards in the background as my aunt had a class photo taken with the same background.

  3. Alan Chow says:

    Yes, this was a SMI Primary 1’s lower primary class in the mid-sixties when Mrs Cheah Hoong Onn was the lower primary suervisor.

  4. Adr1970 says:

    Concur with thunderchild on the the details of Photo D. The teacher seated at the left most was my standard 5 class teacher. Oh dear!, I can’t recall his name now.

  5. Mary says:

    That is Main Convent. Miss Thomas was a favourite teacher! Exactly as I remember her. Can’t tell you about that photo or girls tho.

  6. Iqbal says:

    KL maa…cari makan … I was in 1D up to 4D then 5C and 6C … were we classmates? I cant really recall anyone beside from a few close friends and some peculiar ones … LOL … perhaps ur full name Aaron … forgive me …

  7. AARON ONG says:

    Ya laa Iqbal, I’m also from 2D to 4D, then went on 5B & 6B. Now also in KL. I do remember you were the brainy one. Another brainy one by the name of Izwan (splg?) Still have a class pic with you in it during sack race 2D 1978.

    Contact ika for my contact.

  8. Iqbal says:

    not that brainy laa Aaron, I copy from Idzwan a lot … LOL … where in KL r u? I am in Klang Lama area … nice to be remebered … tq Aaron … just FB Blaquemedia … the infs there mate …

  9. sally says:

    The first photo was taken in 1971 and it’s class of Form III C. They are my friends, some of whom were in the same class with me before in Form IV and V.May I know who submitted this photo?

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