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February 2014

Souvenir Drinking Glasses

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Mano sent us this photo recently. The first two glasses (left and centre) are Merdeka souvenirs, while the one on the right is a Hari Raya special. Mano also told us that these were a present from Mrs Helen Ross, whose parents were based in Changi. Helen’s parents probably obtained these during their tour of Malaya (around 1957).

Anyone own similar souvenir glasses? Perhaps you could tell us about your collection…

Per and Ruth Iversen

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Per & R

We thank Ruth Rollitt for sending us this photo of her and her brother Per. According to Ruth, this was taken in 1950. The siblings are wearing local national costumes.

I’m sure there’s an interesting story behind this. On that note: what did you and your siblings get up to in your younger days?

Lorong Said Tauphy, Greentown

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GTown(click to enlarge)

Yusof sent us these wonderful photos. From his email, we know that he lived in Greentown from 1969-1981. Yusof also had this to say:

“The house is one of six detached govt quarters surrounding a palm tree lined field within a circular lane off Jalan Iskandar, named ย Lorong Said Tauphy. As depicted in the photos attached, Greentown was indeed green back then, with the fields bamboo hedges and abundant coconut trees. It is really a shame what Greentown has transformed into now. Anyway, I hope these pictures will bring back some memories of the original Greentown to some folks out there, esp. ex Greentownians. Looking forward to more pictures of Greentown then from those who still have the old photos.”

Like Yusof, we at IpohWorld also look forward to hearing from former and present Greentown folks! ๐Ÿ™‚


“Workshop” or “Woksyop”

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ipohThe landmark that I was looking for (1997 visit)-edited

We thank Taffy Owen for this one. I’d like to draw your attention to the unique signboard – this was taken around 1997 (according to Taffy); note the spelling of the word ‘workshop’.

Also take note of the mountain in the background – yes, folks….it looks like Gunong Panjang….or could it be another mountain?

The ‘Dobie-Woller’

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Graham Barton (our donor) calls this the “Dobie Woller”. We locals call him the “Doby Man” ๐Ÿ™‚

Looking at the lines of laundry (far right), I’m reminded of the famous ‘doby man’ who ran his business along Silibin Road.

I wonder if the Silibin Road laundryman is still in business….anyone knows more about it?

Std.2 Cator Avenue, 1962

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(click to enlarge)

KC sent us this cute one via Facebook. We thought we’d share it with all of you – especially with the Cator Avenue Alumni ๐Ÿ™‚

KC shared a little bit about this photograph with us:

This photo was taken when I was in Standard-2 at Cator Avenue Primary School. Some of us in the photo are still in contact with each other after all these years. The class photo was taken in 1962, if I remember correctly. Would like to get feedback from people who were in this class. Cannot remember the teacher’s name now. Along the teacher’s row, on the far left is a Caucasian boy. I remember him only as Ian. He was with us for one year and we never see him again. It would be interesting to know his full name and hopefully know where he is now. One of my classmate whom I am still in contact with reminded me, and I recalled, he had a fight with a boy from another class and both were called to the headmaster’s office. Those were the days…….

We look forward to hearing about all the other shenanigans you boys got up to in your youth….and like KC, we’re also wondering what’s happened to Ian!

A Different View of a Dulang Washer

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Most photographs of dulang washers show the ladies almost knee deep in water, while they rotate their dulangs. This photo here (from Alison Cotterill nee Caldwell) shows the dulang washer in a field instead! This area was probably near Kramat Tin (Bidor). Notice the 1 cubic ft box (bottom left), and the white bowl (above the large drum). Can onyone out there tell us what these items were for?

We thank Alison for this unique photograph.

Inside A Bungalow in Batu Gajah

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This was among the lot sent to us from Nick Band. His father Albert Roy Band was part of the Malay Tin Dredge Co. in Batu Gajah.ย  He had two stints there: 1954-57, where he stayed at Bungalow A11 & 1958-61, residing at Bungalow A13. As Nick explains, his father was known as ‘Roy’ and he was an Engineering Draughtsman. The woman in the photograph is Nick’s mother; standing next to her is the family pet Ginger.

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