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May 2020

“have a seat”

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Since the Movement Control Order (MCO), we know many of you miss your regular kopitiam-visits. Well, here’s a vintage Bentwood kopitiam chair…for a little nostalgia. Interestingly, Bentwood objects are made by wetting wood either by soaking or by steaming. This wood is then bent and left to harden into curved shapes and patterns.

Opening of the New Library

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This photograph was taken during the official opening of the new ACS Library and wing, on 11 June 1955. The gentleman unveiling the tablet is said to be the Perak Deputy Menteri Besar. Does anyone know who he was?

Also in the photograph are: Methodist Bishop Raymond Archer (left) and school Principal Ralph Kesselring (right).

Special thanks to our donor – Ann Kesselring Hamon.


Famous Names (10)

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Today’s “celebrity” is not a politician or statesman. Our famous personality once performed as a solo artiste in 1977 at the Green Fern Coffee House, Ipoh. The Green Fern Coffee House is, of course, no longer around.

I’m sure some of you recognise him (pictured above). Yes, this is none other than Joe Chin, formerly of the Fabulous Falcons!

Joe, if you’re reading this….I’m sure your fans would love to hear from you 😉

Celebrating Hari Raya in Papan

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Taken in Papan in the grounds of the Raja Bilah complex outside the Rumah Besar (also known as a Rumah Godang), this photograph shows Raja Yaacob in ceremonial Malay dress with several other Malay men seated or standing around a table. There is a label on the table in Jawi that we believe translates into Hari Raya 1333, which would date the photograph as either 1912 or 1913 in the Gregorian calendar.

How are YOU planning to celebrate Hari Raya this year?

Unveiling the Cenotaph

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The Cenotaph came into being as a memorial for those from Perak who died in World War 1. Initially planned to be erected shortly after the war ended in 1919, building was delayed;  only to be unveiled in 1927 in a ceremony organised by ex-servicemen. We believe this photograph shows that unveiling ceremony on Armistice Day 1927.

Read more here.


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This article was taken from the Straits Times dated Monday 24th June 1963. It states that the Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, who arrived in Ipoh from Alor Setar was given somebody else’s coat as his own was missing!

Later, the stranger’s coat was handed over to the Malayan Airways. The airline somehow managed to recover Tunku’s coat, while the dark blue coat was flown back to Ipoh. The coat was said to contain $30 and five lottery tickets.

I do wonder what became of those lottery tickets 😉

So Which Ipoh Market is THIS?

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Ipoh’s Markets have changed over the years and we at ipohWorld are confused.

As you can see it is called the New Market. But which New Market? Is there anyone out there who can tell us where this Market building fits into Ipoh’s History please.

2 Generations of Teachers!

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This photograph by Lim Sze Woon, was taken on 21 November 1950. It shows two generations of teachers of St. Michaels Institution. Gordy advisies that seated 3rd from the left is Teh Swee Kang and standing 3rd left is his son, Albert Teh. Seated on the extreme right of the picture is Mr P J Morsingh, the first headmaster.

“…send me a postcard…”

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This photograph shows a postcard by William Nabitoepoeloe, a Batak Christian missionary among the Orang Asli (the indigenous people), who survived the Japanese Occupation as a Senoi interpreter for the Japanese. From this card it appears that he was working for the Culture Department based at the Ipoh Town Hall, from where the card was sent. One of his other duties was to monitor the publications being circulated in Perak.


Can your sharp eyes spot the date of this postcard? 🙂

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