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Sri Perak Darul Ridzuan

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I remember passing this building quite often on my way to St Michael’s Institution. But I never really paid attention to what it was. All I know is that this is the Sri Perak building. Any idea what’s inside? Was it one of those government offices? Or, was it like the present UTC (former Super Kinta)?

We thank Hasbi for this picture-postcard.

May 2013

April 2012

….what it USED to look like….

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A while ago, we featured a post about the on-going ‘renovations’ of the Station Gardens. So far, we’ve heard no news about what’s going on behind those boards. Has there been any progress lately? If anyone has noticed anything, do let us know.

In the mean time, here is a 1950s picture of what the gardens used to look like. Picture by Ruth Iversen Rollitt.

August 2011

Aerial View of St Michael’s Institution

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Here’s a lovely coloured postcard of St Michael’s Institution. Care to guess the date of this picture? Needless to say, those palm trees aren’t there anymore….and the space behind the school building is now where the new Primary Block is.

You can also see St John’s Anglican Church; notice also a green-roofed mansion (top most of the picture). Wonder whose house it was?

March 2011

January 2011

What’s Happened to the Milano Tailor?

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I’m sure the Ipoh-ites out there are grinning at this picture (courtesy of Jeffrey Liew) – especially those who frequently travelled along Club Road (Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang)!

Remember the Milano Tailor? I wonder where he is now…..since this building is no longer around (so much for ‘development’). Yes 🙁 sadly this is now an empty lot which houses abandoned/wrecked cars.

Anyone care to fill us in with MORE information?

August 2010

…a Mystery no more!

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Most of us are familiar with the Birch Clock Tower (along Post Office Road). In one of our previous posts, we were wondering what building seemed hidden in the background, far left of the picture (see below).

Well, the mystery has been solved – the building is none other than the old Court House!

Yes, this was what the court house looked like in the late 1800s. This court house was built in 1888 and remained a court house till 1909.  The court moved to another location, but later settled at its present place – Club Road. This structure, however, remained there till the 1960s; it later paved way to the construction of the Perak State Mosque.

May 2010

The Ipoh Town Hall

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Designed by A B Hubback, who also designed the Ipoh Railway Station, this work-of-art was completed in 1916. The east end of the building was used as the Post and Telegraphs Office in 1928. This building is still used today – be it for concerts, wedding banquets, official functions, etc. It’s also had some restoration work done over the years. At present, its neighbour the (former) Post Office is going through a much needed ‘make-over’.

We do hope this splendid work-of-art lives on for many more years……

Ipoh’s ‘Puduraya’?

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I’m sure many of you out there recognize this place!

Today, it’s mainly a stop for the inter-city buses – since Medan Gopeng now handles the inter-state services. But the place is still BUSY!

Such buses (as in the picture) are still around today, along with the new air-conditioned buses too! The roundabout has had a make-over of sorts: with a peculiar arrangement of labu sayong and flowering plants. Those trees on the top left corner have made way for a petrol station.

Has anything else changed?

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