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June 2012

The Douglas Road Mansion

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Before it was converted into the Darul Ridzuan Museum, this 10-room bungalow (along Douglas Road) was built for none other than one of Ipoh’s famous miners – Foo Choong Yit – back in 1926. Later, in 1940, two air raid shelters were constructed in the compound (in anticipation of Japanese aerial attacks). Ten years later, the Government took over this building and it became the premises for the Perak National Home Guard. Post Independence (1957), this place housed the Public Services Department, then later (1992) converted in the Darul Ridzuan Museum.

[Note: This is NOT an actual photograph of Foo Choong Yit’s mansion; it has been Photoshopped to create an impression of the original building]

May 2011

The Rose Villa

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We had a request for a picture of the famous Rose Villa. Here is one taken around 1982 (to see what it looked like inside, click here).

This mansion was once owned by Towkay Leong Tian – a miner and philanthropist. Sadly, the mansion (which was along Gopeng Road) is not there anymore. After it was demolished, the area became the site for 6 new houses.

December 2010

Here’s a Little Mystery for YOU!

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This myterious bungalow was supposedly built during British rule in the early 20th Century. It was once the home of a rubber estate Manager. Later, a Chinese Miner bought it. Since 1 January 1960, the Perak Local Defense Force used it as its base. Now, this bungalow has become the HQ for the Markas Rejimen 503 (Regiment 503 of the local Armed Forces).

Where is this place? The main entrance is along Tambun Road, just before the Ipoh Specialist Hospital. Of course, they don’t let anyone enter the army base – hence this picture was taken from a nearby high rise building.

Does anyone know MORE about this bungalow? Who owned it BEFORE the armed forces took over?

October 2010

The Tiger Lane Mansion

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Does anyone out there know WHO this house once belonged to? It seems to have been abandoned for many years now – notice the plants growing in and around the building!

Judging from the design and the land around it, this house must have been the home of a rich Towkay. It’s a pity, such a beautiful house is now being left to rot 🙁

Those who frequently travel along Tiger Lane (Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah) might find this a familiar sight. We look forward to your comments.

September 2010

‘Forest Lodge’, Ipoh

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Eu Tong Sen and Chung Thye Phin (two of Ipoh’s many Towkays) once built a weekend retreat, Forest Lodge, at Gopeng Road. It had a large stable – befitting the common interests of these “blood brothers”, which included motorcars, racehorses, and country houses. Later, when Eu Tong Sen was appointed to the Federal Council, Chung Thye Phin sold his half-lot to Eu Tong Sen – thus a much grander accomodation was built.

(Front view)

(Side view)

During the Japanese Occupation, this building served as an army base. Sometime in 1949, the building was taken over by the Perak Islamic Mission Association. ‘Forest Lodge’ then came to be known as Pusat Rawatan Islamar-Ridzuan, which was a medical centre for Muslims.

Although it’s not the ‘Forest Lodge’ anymore, the unique structures (the arches and windows) have remained the same. Also notice the crescent and the star, something not usually found in such heritage buildings.

From what we’ve heard, the Islamic Medical Centre will be moving out from this place. What’s going to happen to it? We hope it won’t be demolished or left to wither…..

August 2010

Lost in Time?

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I’m sure many of you have seen this place (picture below). It’s said to be near Kok Kee Restaurant.

Familiar? Here’s another shot of the mansion, a different angle…

Some of you must be smiling and nodding your heads. What we’d like to know is what’s become of this place? We hope it won’t be torn down or suffer gastly make-overs. Maybe it could be restored, like the Lam Looking Bazaar?

Do share your thoughts with us…..

Meet the ‘Lions’ of Falim

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Remember them? (see picture below)

(These lions can be found on either side of the front porch, of the Falim House)

Yes, these are the two faithful lions who ‘guard’ Falim House; we were also told that these lions were made of cast iron, not stone!

They are painted red, obviously for “good luck”. I wonder if they were specially made for Foo Nyit Tse?  I know some houses have a pair of lions, but they’re made of porcelain. Besides lions, were other animals used? Other then Falim House, were there other places with similar ‘guardians’?

The Falim House

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Foo Nyit Tse started off as miner, under Foo Choo Choon; he later opened his first mine in 1898. In the 1920s, Foo Nyit Tse (who by then was a well known mining Towkay) built Falim – ‘a self contained housing estate, with a large num of low cost terrace housing and 40 shop houses’. Falim, which means ‘beautiful forests’, is located along Lahat Road; between Ipoh and Menglembu.

Here we have Falim House – Foo Nyit Tse’s mansion, which was built across the road from the shop houses. It was at this very mansion that Towkay Foo entertained the Who’s Who of Ipoh society back then. The picture above is the front view of the mansion; notice that on either side of the porch, there is a red, stone lion.

This picture is a side view of the mansion; on the left of the picture, seems to be what once was a courtyard – perhaps Towkay Foo had open-air parties too?

We thank Leong Yew Kee for providing us with these photos.

July 2010

Oh No! Not Just the Roof ……….

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We featured this building in http://www.ipohworld.org/?p=1712 where we showed the original mansion that belonged to Dato Seri Lau Pak Kuan OBE JP and what the owners of the Coliseum Club had done to deface this beautiful building.

In the comments on that blog mashi74 reported that the stylistic roof had been removed and, as you can see from this photo it has been replaced with something far less easy on the eye. But worse! Look what they have done to the stonework! Garish is not a strong enough word for this abomination.

And finally, it appears that have torn the whole inside out and are to renovate with modern (Ugh!) materials.

Have these people no eye for beauty, history and heritage. Maybe they just have no soul!

May 2010

A Familiar Place…..?

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This is one of the many mansions which belonged to one of Ipoh’s rich towkays. I’m sure some of you recognise it! The picture below shows what has become of the place in recent times….

….a club! Notice the changes, especially the windows and balcony. Anyone know WHEN the mansion was turned into a club?

A Cry For Help

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The Ipohworld’s World blog is wonderful.


I tried to find in your posts information about one building which is located near the roundabout at Gopeng Road and Jalan Tambun, diagonally opposite Yuk Choy Primary School, but I haven’t been able to.


A large furniture shop is now built in front of it (Kota Furniture). I knew that formally the building that has a large compound belonged to Kok Kee Restaurant but who owned the original building? The original owner was probably a Cheong family, since there’s a gate with the inscriptions “C” and Cheong.


I have attached a few photographs taken last year at this place, but regrettably, I did not manage to get a picture of the front of the building because the furniture shop owner built extensions out from the front of the building, concealing the front porch of it.



I am hoping someone can provide the history and show photos of the original stone building.




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