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Those liviing in and around Lim Gardens would be familiar with this school (see picture below).

Yes, it’s none other than Tarcisian Convent - which was yet another ‘sister school’ of the HIJ Convent.

We don’t have much about this school, so if anyone out there knows more we’d love to hear from you. Maybe you’re a former student/teacher; if so, do share your memories with us! :)

  1. IpohBoy says:

    Both my mom and sis used to study in that school…wow it sure looks empty back then in the photo…now it’s surrounded by houses and roads….

  2. IpohBoy says:

    Felicia, no I can’t as it’s beyond my timeframe maybe my mom would have a better idea…let me ask her one of this day…

  3. melody says:

    Looking for a good friend Vivienne Leong Suet Fun class of 1972.She was the deputy head prefect.
    Many thanks if someone can let me khnow where she is now.

    • shlim says:

      we live opposite her family house in cherry park, ipoh. she’s migrated to new zealand a few years after form 5. her family followed her eldest sis to australia also.

  4. Valiant Knight@UV says:

    I would take a wild guess. I stayed around this place and in my lower secondary school days the ground was till covered with bushes, such being the case this could be taken when the school was first built and it would be in the early sixties between 1960 and 1962.

  5. Mano says:

    When we moved to Lim Gardens in 1965, there were houses beside the school on the left of the photo. Even Jalan Hassan which runs infront of the school is not even there yet. Therefore, Valiant Kight@UV’s guess would be right.
    Soon after 1965, a larger 3 storey block was built towards the back of the compound. The canteen was on the ground floor. In 1967, this block was hit by a tornado (yes, you read it right! It was a freak event) and the entire roof caved into the building. Fortunately there were no afternoon sessions then and no one was around. Moments earlier I had witnessed the roof of my neighbours house, just across the street, being ripped up. The tiles just flew upwards into the air!

    • Jasbir kaur Bennett says:

      I graduated in 1970. I remember so well when our school was hit by a tornado. The roof of the science and cooking class was affected. Our cooking class was beautiful. Our principle at that time was Sr Marie Clare. I’m trying to get hold of some of my classmates. Very interested to know how our group is doing. I now live in Seattle, USA

  6. Mary Tan says:

    I was a student of Tarcisian Convent in its first year (it was 1963 if I am not mistaken). We were students from the St Philomena Convent in Silibin Road (sharing the school with our Indian friends as St Philomena Convent was a Tamil medium school in the morning session then). When Tarcisian Convent was completed, we moved there but sadly I was only able to spend Std Six there as it was only a Primary School.Our teacher then was the late Mrs Robert Tan and our headmistress was Miss Margaret Lee.We were so happy and proud to move to the new school.

    • Jasbir kaur Bennett says:

      I went to St Phelo during my first and then left and then joined Tarcisian in Form 1. I graduated from Tarcisian in 1971 Loved it there. The school looks very different on satellite. I’d like to contact my classmates of 1971.

  7. vivienne lee says:

    Mano, you were wrong. I was a std 6 student and we were in the afternoon session in a classroom in the new block as we were short on space in the primary side. We witnessed the entire episode of the roof being blown off.There was no panic as we were told to say a pray. It was scary though.

  8. melody says:

    Hi Vivienne,
    So can you let me know where she is at present?
    or rather are you Suet Fun then.
    hope to hear from you soon.

  9. Mano says:

    Wow! I stand corrected, Vivienne! I’m so glad that there’s someone out there who bears witness to this incredible event. People look at me rather strangely whenever I mention it!:)

  10. melody says:

    Hi Vivienne,
    phew where have the last 40 years gone?
    Doesnt Melody rings a bell to you.
    We were penpals first in 1972 when I was in Sydney.We went to I
    ipoh Odeon cinema to watch one of Bruce Lee film “Fist of Fury”
    Are you still living in Australia?
    My email is syadiloh123@yahoo.com
    Would like to hearfrom you again after all these years.Hope you n family r well.regards Siew choy

  11. Cervantes says:

    My grandparents lived in Lim Gardens. In the mid-60s, one of their servant girls attended this school (after it was expanded to include secondary education).

  12. Penny says:

    Hi i was a student here from 1986 to 1996. Sadly by then most of the available knowledge leading to the school names was just not available..Specially being that whatever thats leading to Christianity was taken away. I hav always been curious on the name Tarcisian Convent, was it named after the St Tarcisius??
    I am hoping someone would shed some light on this.

    Thanks in advance .

  13. jamilah(jami) says:

    Hi, I was a student in TCS secondary from 1970-1975. Does anyone knows Kwan Khuen Eoi and Wong Pek Yen, my dear friends whom i’ve lost contact with immediately after MCE in 1975. Pek Yen used to live in Lim Gardens then. If my memory hasn’t failed me,Khuen Eoi was in Pasir Putih.If anyone any of them, plese let me know, miss them so much..

  14. Genevieve says:

    Hi Jamilah, I think I know you. I was in the 1976 class. Met Pek Yen recently when we had the TCS gathering Year 1975/1976 in Ipoh in Sept this year. I can get her contact or maybe keep in touch with me at jennylouisa.59@gmail.com
    You might be interested in joining our TCS group.

  15. jamilah says:

    hi felicia,

    i am jamilah here…you may not know me but i just have to say this to you since you started the ball rolling on this blog…
    am very2 grateful to you….i got reconnected with my dear frens ie class of ’75 recently..
    again my thanks and appreciation to u, do keep this blog on for i believe there are many more out there who wants to be reconnected with dear frens…

  16. Jayanthi R.K. Shanmugam says:

    Hi, I was a student in TCS primaty thru’ secondary from 1967 to 1977.
    Primary school Principal was Mrs Lim and Secondary was Mrs Morais.
    My two elder sisters Rayvathi and Yashotha and my younger sister Jeeva also studied here.
    Some friends that I wish to get in touch are Georgianna Hendricks, Frances Chantel Lopez, Sam Kam Yoong, Lim Chooi Lin, Kwa Saw Sim, Nur Ainun Noor.
    Finally, I wish to thank you for having created this blog and much appreciated.

  17. Kamala says:

    I was in Tarcisian Convent from 1978 till 1988. I still make it a point of passing by the school if i ever go back to Ipoh.

  18. Sharon Jackson says:

    Ms. Margaret Lee’s my godmother. I’m not sure whether she’s still alive. If I’m not mistaken, she would be 96 this year.

  19. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear Sharon … It’s good to hear from you. Did you live in Lim Gardens in the period 1978-1988? Can you say anything about the area? (Thanks.)

  20. Sharon Jackson says:

    I live in Taman Wing Onn & still do. It was much better then. Less cars. There were many students who walked to school. In our former school (primary), there wasn’t any boundary wall. It was just fencing. And there was a huge tree on the right hand side.

    • Ipoh Remembered says:

      Thanks, Sharon. Until you mentioned it, I had never even heard of Taman Wing Onn! In maps I see on line, that part of Ipoh appears to me quite unrecognizable.

        • Ipoh Remembered says:

          Dear Gladwin

          Does the title deed not tell you anything about the history of the property?

          Anyway, you’re a property agent, yes? Since I have your full attention, let me ask you a question: can you find out or confirm anything about who now owns the shop-house at 34 Jalan Sultan Yussuf?

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