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May 2012

Inside the Lam Looking Building

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Thanks to Ruth Rollitt, we now have some interior pictures of the Lam Looking Bazaar.

For those of you who were curious to know what the interior looked like, feast you eyes on these! ūüôā

the staircase inside the building

left to right: the top floor, which became a cinema hall; the corridor on the upper floor

April 2012

March 2012

Update on Old Town

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I had a brief ride around Old Town this morning to see what was happening. I couldn’t get any photo or update on the Railway Station Gardens as they are still hidden behind tall blue fencing. However apart from the Cenotaph and the Ipoh Tree there seems to be nothing of the gardens left. Not a great welcome for the tourists in “Visit Perak Year 2012!”.

Then I wandered along the road to see the Birch Clock Tower Garden renovation. What a surprise –¬†as although it is unlikely that anything has been done to preserve the two statuues, Justice and Fortitude from falling down¬†(see http://ipohecho.com.my/v2/2012/03/01/ipohs-virtues-in-danger/) ¬†¬†the tower has been repainted Black and White.

Although that may be approproiate¬†……… Black and white stands for mourning and cheerless occasions. For example, traditional garb for a funeral is black and white. Black for the loss, and white for their passing onto the heavens,¬†………¬†I must say I don’t like it, but then again I did not like the pink either, much preferring the 1909 odiginal version which was all-white. Clearly I am a traditionalist.

By the way, could someone suggest (again) to Datuk Bandar that he gets the clock working.

As you can see the gardens have not progressed too much either. Sigh, maybe they will be ready to celebrate the successful (?) end to our special tourism year.

We welcome your views.

December 2011

July 2011

July 2010

‘Drawn’ to Ipoh…..

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Remember this shop? Here’s a clue: it’s at Market Street…..

If I’m not mistaken, I think the shop is still there – going strong after all these years! They specialized in Kain Pulikat, (the locals might know it as sarong) which was said to be made in India. They also¬†sold Kain Batek (Batik).

Here’s another landmark – our local Indian barber, which still does business at Belfield Street. My late grandfather used to visit him every month or so; I don’t think grandpa went to any other hairdresser in his lifetime!

These two sketches are part of Amiruddin Mohd Daud’s collection – titled ‘Ipoh Old Town’.¬†Amiruddin is a self-taught artist from Ipoh, and also a former student of ACS.¬†Together with his wife, they are quite involved with charity and fund raising activities; 10% of the sale of his drawings will go to MAKNA (Malaysian Cancer Council).

For more information on Amiruddin and his works, you can contact him via email: rat.adventure@yahoo.com

June 2010

A Bold Step …………

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At last Perak State has made a bold and positive step in the UNESCO direction by declaring that Perak is preparing the nomination dossier for five locations to be presented to UNESCO to list them as World Heritage Sites.

In this firm and welcome statement, State Chairman for Industry, Investment, Industrial Development and Tourism, Datuk Hamidah Osman, said a committee had been formed comprising of the National Heritage Department, Tourism Perak, Ipoh and Taiping local councils, district offices, related government agencies together with the heritage societies to prepare the nomination documents. Under the nature category, the sites are Royal Belum (Tropical Rainforest and Biodiversity Heritage) and Gua Tempurung (Limestone Heritage), and under the Nature and Culture Category the locations identified are Taiping (Heritage Town), Kinta (Tin Heritage and encompassing the area between Ipoh, Batu Gajah and Kampar) and Ipoh City (Cultural Heritage).

Of course that is great news, particularly for those of us whose main interest is Ipoh and the Kinta Valley, but let us understand, UNESCO do not give away these accolades easily and in the case of Penang/Melaka the whole process took masses of work from all concerned over many years. So the people of Perak must be prepared to help wherever they can and be prepared for a long haul.

Now have a look at the following photos, all taken recently in Ipoh Old Town and you will see areas where planning and control by the authorities together with landowner responsibility have completely failed. Areas like these will make negotiations with UNESCO an uphill struggle unless they can be overcome. The pictures are not intended to highlight any one person or organisation but are just shots taken at random. There are dozens more examples in the same area.

Close to the defined heritage area and the river bank we have a permanent lorry park and ugly renovations.

Close by there are gaps like pulled teeth and turned into rough and unsightly car parks.

Buildings are abandoned and collapsing.

And many are simply neglected.

So having taken the first bold step the government/City Council now need to take another one and enforce planning and maintenance rules that accord with the UNESCO requirements from TODAY, for the fear is that landowners, afraid of UNESCO regulations will simply demolish their old buildings rather than risk additional expense in the future. They have taken such action before and no doubt will do it again unless prevented by law and the severest penalties.

And for us, the readers, please do support the various organisations like the heritage societies and tourist association in the above committee, I am sure they will welcome your help.

February 2010

FMS Bar and Restaurant – Today’s Update

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Over the past few days there have been several comments about our last post that featured the FMS Bar and so while in Old Town searching for the MG logo (previous post) I took the opportunity to take the above photo to demonstrate what is being done to the pillars. As you can see they are being put back to original.

Coincidentally there is an article in todays New Straits Times that seems to confirm the rumour that the building will be returned fully to its original status, i.e. a hotel as well as restaurant and bar. See http://www.nst.com.my/Current_News/NST/articles/22fma/Article/index_html

January 2010

Ipoh Heritage Buildings Art Exhibition

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Local artist Khor Seow Hooi is presenting an exhibition of his paintings of Old Ipoh Town in the Syuen Hotel, first floor, from today 24 January 2010 until 31 january from 10am to 7.30pm daily, including Sunday. Above is one example of his detailed work in ink and watercolour on paper.

He has captured many of our heritage buildings with his brush and as the demolition of our heritage city continues unabated these pictures will become priceless mementoes of how we used to be.

Here is a second example of the treat that is in store for you when you make your way along to the Syuen. Don’t miss it!

New Coat for the Tower!

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At last, the city council have decided to do something to preserve the heritage of Ipoh. Spotted this tower¬†which has¬†been given a new coat of paint although the colour looks odd. Well, at least we know that the tower won’t be making its way in the name of development anytime soon.

December 2009

Wah! Another New Ipoh Heritage Trail Map

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Yes there really is another new heritage trail map for Ipoh, this one taking in both Old and New Town streets and 60 heritage buildings as well as giving¬†a brief¬†history of the city from 1873 to 1941. There is also a section on Ipoh’s famous foods, some notes on the Malay Enclave and “How to Script a Trip” a suggestion of how to enjoy two days in Ipoh. It is entitled “Ipoh: the sentimental side.”

You will recall that the last new map, featuring Old Town,¬†which became available just a few weeks ago was sponsored by a local benefactor. This latest edition to the tourist’s armoury is produced under¬†the umbrella of the Office of the Menteri Besar, Perak, via¬†“The Soul of Ipoh Project” by the Perakean League and supported by The Lost World of Tambun, The Syuen Hotel, Ngan Yin (the Peanut People), Morubina (The Riverside Hotel and Project) and Foh San. Unlike the earlier version, this latest map costs RM5 and we bought it at the Canning Garden Newsagent cum bookshop. Well produced it is worth the money.

If I may I will finish with the quotation provided on the map,

“A large part of Ipoh’s story lies in its ancient buildings, walkways, alleys, road corners of the old town and new town of the city. By truly understanding the city’s heritage is one of the best ways for its survival of the most natural. May the soul of Ipoh continue to live for many generations to come.”¬†¬†

I just hope they mean it!

November 2009

New Heritage Map/Brochure of Ipoh Old Town

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This is the latest map/brochure published by Myheritage Technovation Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Perak Academy and Kinta Heritage Group. Inside is a basic map of Ipoh Old Town outlining a two-hour heritage trail as well as short write-ups about the 24 heritage buildings on the trail.

Also featured is a¬†brief history of Ipoh Town, Panglima Lane (Concubine Lane) and a guide of Ipoh’s Living Heritage – our well-known cuisines – something food lovers will enjoy!

Privately sponsored by a public-minded citizen of Ipoh, copies of this brochure can be obtained free of charge at the Perak Academy office, the Railway Station, leading hotels, and Tourist Information Centers.

September 2009

Old Town Woes

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What can be said about this picture other than how can an owner allow his property to deteriorate to such a level as seen here. In a world where it is said that investing in property is one of the safest things to do with your money, it would be normal to maintain that investment. However it appears that Ipoh, which has many buildings in this state, does not follow the normal pattern, preferring to spend nothing on the building in the hope that the land value will rise sufficiently to recoup those profits from investing in it.

Incidentally this picture was taken in Old Town. So much for maintaining our heritage.

August 2009

Something Different on the Heritage Trail

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While many will argue that this is not heritage that depends a lot on one’s point of view. Here we have the logo brightening up a really dull steel shutter in a heritage building and demonstrating a family’s pride in what they do (books for education), their family name and the country to which they belong. Perhaps we could do with more of such pride in our community, but looking around at the city, pride in our¬†home town and its surrounds¬†is obviously in very short supply.

On the heritage front, this¬†logo represents¬†the family’s heritage – a business built up by hard work over the years, to make a future for themselves, their children and those who follow them. What will you leave behind for those that follow you? Will it be more than your forefathers left you or less?

Well of course it may be more in terms of financial wealth, property ownership and other material things we all crave for, but what about that other heritage Рclean rivers, thriving wildlife, untouched hills, pollution-free air to breathe and more? There is no doubt about the answer to that question is there?

But it is not too late because if each one of you got back that pride and did your bit for the community, much (but not all) could be salvaged for future generations. Soon it will be altogether too late!

Think about it!

As Pretty a Group as You Could Find!

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This little group of buildings in Belfield Street, Old Town, Ipoh is very reminiscent of the days when budding entrepreneurs bought a single plot of land and had their own ideas created into a shop-house. Individuality was the hallmark in those days not like the vast housing developments today with their rows and rows of identical little boxes.

Pity about the nasty, white, square and tasteless building to the left.

In Search of that Different Heritage Photo

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Most tourists that traverse Old Town make a point of photographing the Birch Memorial Clock Tower, just as this photographer has done in the past. But searching for a different view this time he came across this little side-lane and this is what he got to take home to remind him of Ipoh.

What a pity that Ipoh, once lauded as the cleanest town in Malaya, no longer seems to maintain the buildings, pavements and lanes.

A Heritage Walk or a Heritage Stumble

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Sunday is a good day to follow the published heritage walk around Old Town, Ipoh as there is not too much traffic and very few cars parked to obstruct the view of the heritage buildings. But a word of warning, do watch where you step because, as the photographs show, quite apart from having to walk in single file in some places (see “There it¬†was GONE”¬†below) the modern paved walkways have not survived as well as the old buildings around them .

So do be careful where you walk when you are admiring some exciting feature across the road or taking that dream photo that you will treasure for life. The alternative could be a thoroughly spoilt Sunday and the inconvenience that would cause.

Old-Time Modern, A Relic of the Past

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Ipoh has many of these¬†shop-sign pillars lining the 5-foot way, more we believe than any of the other Malaysian cities, but it is very unusual to see them in any other langusge but Chinese. However this pair, relics of Ipoh’s Colonial past remain with us to remind us that at one time the two languages you were most likely to hear in the town were Chinese and English.

Does anyone know of another pair like this?

There it Was GONE! Does it Make Sense?

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It is very sad to see that the recent renovation of this building has included enclosing the 5 foot walkway that was designed to provide shelter for passing pedestrians from the scorching sun and the pouring rain. Has the owner recently bought the pavement from the council or simply stolen it and if it is the latter what are our Law Enforcement Officers doing about it.

You may wonder why I am concerned, but the problem is that they have just not taken over the walkway, but more importantly forced people to walk on the narrow strip of pavement that remains, in single file, thereby putting young children at risk on this very busy road.

Would anyone like to explain to me how this can happen. Could it just be¬†a matter of using one’s¬†cents?

Old Town Ipoh – It’s P’s-full on Sunday

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One of our supporters was having a walk around Old Town with his camera last Sunday. He stopped by the Birch Clock Tower to admire the beautiful paintwork on the OCBC building, rejoicing in the fact that this grand old building, built by the Straits Trading Company in 1906/1907 is still with us.

But then a sole pedestrian appeared and it is quite clear that he did not care too much for OCBC’s efforts in maintaining the building!

As discussions about the rights and wrongs of¬†learning English rage unabated, perhaps it is time to learn a useful phrase “to mind your P’s and Q,s” which means to behave oneself in public.¬†Maybe this man should¬†learn to mind his P’s.

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