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October 2018

December 2014

Brushing up on history…

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The history-buffs out there would know this fact: that King Edward VIII ascended the throne of England in January 1936, after his father George V passed away. However, in November that same year, there was “a constitutional crisis” when Edward wanted to marry Mrs Wallis Simpson (a divorcee). Eventually on 11 December, Edward abdicated; and his brother Albert succeeded him, taking the name George VI. (more can be found here)

Times of Malaya 1936

As seen in the main title British Popular Opinion Veers Towards King, this front page highlights the meeting between Prime Minister Baldwin and Britain’s ministers, as well as statements from Churchill, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Mrs Simpson herself; all these happened before the actual abdication.

The picture we have here (sent to us by Nicholas Jennings) is the front page of the Times of Malay, dating back to 7 December 1936 – four days after the death of the Times’ Editor – J A S Jennings. We thank Nicholas for this historic piece 🙂

March 2014

Men’s Fashion from the 1930s?

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20140226-005a(picture courtesy of Nicholas Jennings)

Whenever I see someone smoking a pipe, I keep thinking about Sherlock Holmes (perhaps it’s because I’m a fan of Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective). 🙂

The man in this photograph is actually Eric Jennings. This was taken in Ipoh, sometime in the 1930s, when Eric worked with his father J A S Jennings at the Times of Malaya newspaper.

The beautiful car aside, what really drew my attention were the shoes. I’m not a fashion expert, but I’m sure this pair of shoes were in style back then (probably with a unique name too!). Fashion experts out there, we’d like to hear from you 😉

February 2011

Driving Through the Town

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Some of our fans out there love old photos. Hence we decided to feature this one on our blog today.

Here’s one of J A S Jennings (Editor of Times of Malaya) and his wife Freda – being chauffeur driven round the town. In the background is the first Times of Malaya Building.

January 2011

50, Gopeng Road, Ipoh

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Some of you might remember this bungalow – at No.50, Gopeng Road (also known as Midhurst). The bungalow belonged to J A S Jennings (Editor of the Times of Malaya).

These pictures (below) were sent to us by Jennings’ grandson Nicholas. We were told that this bungalow was built in the late 1920s. After Jennings’ death, it was sold to the Perak State Government in 1937. It used to be the residence of the State Secretary of Perak, and the land behind it was the Istana (Perak Sultan’s Palace).

The driveway leading to the house.

Jennings outside his home.

We thank Nicholas for the pictures and the little details.

December 2010

Tribute to the ‘Voice’ of Ipoh

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We have here the front page of the Times of Malaya, dated 7 December 1936. Yes, the Times of Malaya was Ipoh’s FIRST NEWSPAPER – which began publication in 1904. Two years after its first publication, the paper welcomed a new Editor; none other than J A S Jennings (picture below).

For the next 30 years or so, Ipoh (and Perak too!) regarded Jennings as their ‘voice’ – Jennings was particularly concerned about the social happenings in his adopted home state of Perak. Sadly, after his passing the paper declined. It was eventually bought up by the Straits Times Press Pte Ltd.

We thank Nicholas Jennings (grandson of J A S Jennings) for sharing these pictures with us.

November 2010

The Times of Malaya – The 1st and 2nd Building

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This is the first Times of Malaya building, which was along Post Office Road. The first issue of Ipoh’s first newspaper was published on 9th March 1904. 2 years later, the newspaper was taken over by J A S Jennings – who remained the paper’s most influential editor for a good 30 years!

In the early 1930s, the Times of Malaya moved to a new building, along Brewster Road (see picture below).

After the war (after 1945), this building was used by the Public Works and the Department of Drainage and Irrigation. What’s become of it now? Can anyone fill us in on the latest?

We thank Nicholas Jennings – the grandson of J A S Jennings – who sent us a copy of these rare pictures.

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