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March 2010

Chow Kee Restaurant, Cowan Street, Ipoh

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This restaurant was said to be famous for Chinese Delicacies and Tanjong Tualang Fresh Water Prawns. Probably one the few air-conditioned restaurants at that time (1970s), it was located at the Yau Tet Shin Market & Shopping Centre; along Cowan Street in Ipoh.

Sadly, the Yau Tet Shin Market is not there anymore (now turned into a car park). Maybe someone out there has been to this restaurant?

….when we were young…..

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The above photo was given to us by Lennie Brookes. According to Lennie, this is a photo of (her best friend) Norazian Tahir‘s children at a school play. Norazian had married a Police Inspector from Ipoh. If anyone knows Norazian or her children please let us know.

Anyone out there remember being in a school play? I’m sure some of us have vivid memories – I know the Michaelians had school plays every year!

A Royal Visit to Fort Tapong

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The picture, taken in 1964 by an official photographer shows the then Sultan of Perak, Sultan Idris Shah II (1963-1984), when he visited Fort Tapong. He is in discussion with members of the Police Field Force who were billeted there and conducted anti communist patrols in the area.

This fort, the last to be built (in 1959/1960) for the Malayan Emergency, was sited in North Perak and this reflected the withdrawal of the majority of communist terrorists into Thailand, at that time, and making occasional sorties over the border into Malaya.

Jungle forts like Tapong acted as bases from which infantry and Police Field Force (PFF) patrols could operate. There were a number in operation in mid1955, with more under construction, and by the end of 1957 there were nine completed and fully functional. Fort Tapong was the tenth and last to be built. Every bit of material, apart from timber, needed to build the airstrips and the living quarters, and to make them secure had to be flown in by helicopter, as did the plant such as bulldozers, diggers and earthmovers when they were available, but in the case of Tapong, everything was done by hand, courtesy of the Royal Engineers and the PFF.

Some of you may wonder why the fort was still operating as the Malayan Emergency was declared over in 1960. Well officially it may have been, but as many of the old-timers know it was far from over in Perak and continued to be a problem for almost another 20 years.

A Festival and a Parade – Cowan Street, Ipoh

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It was a bright sunny morning when these men in white went round the town carrying this float. We were told it was in conjunction with the 9-God Festival. In the background is a famous Ipoh food-haunt – Wan Nan Hotel and Restaurant. The restaurant is still there – still crowded on weekends and public holidays (recently, I’ve somehow become a fan of their Dim Sum!).

This second picture was taken further down Cowan Street. It’s the Chingay parade, and we think both these pictures were taken around the year 1947 – we could be wrong, so YOU decide!

Do let us know if any of you out there have witnessed such festivals / parades…especially in Ipoh!

Elphil Estate Manager’s Bungalow, 1949

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A E Walker, the Manager of Elphil Estate (Sungai Siput, Perak), was shot in his office by Communist insurgents on 16th June 1948. Walker’s murder and the murder of two other planters led to the start of the Malayan Emergency – which lasted 12 years; 1948-1960.

Here we have a rare photograph of the interior of the Manager’s bungalow. This picture was taken after Walker’s death, with who we believe is the new Estate Manager and his family. This picture is part of Arthur Waters’ collection; Arthur Waters was a former policeman who served during the Malayan Emergency. He now lives a quiet life in Sungai Lembing, near Kuantan.

“…row, row, row your boat….”

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Flooding in Kuala Kangsar had been a problem since 1926, when the royal palace (Istana Sri Sayong) was almost swept away! The picture we have here is from 1967; as you can see, almost half of the Cathay cinema is underwater.

By the looks of things, the men on the boat were probably hoping to catch ‘The Sound of Music’ that day…..

Calling All Old Andersonians

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Othman Sabrin kindly sent in this photo for publication. Thank you Sir!

He said:

“This is a picture of Persatuan Kedet Bersatu Malaysia from Anderson School, Ipoh in 1975. I studied at the school from 1973 until 1975. Our School Principal was Mr Lam Kok Hon (sitting in the centre with the moustache).”

Now Old Andersonians, a challenge for you, can you name any of the others in the picture? So far on this blog SMI have led the field by providing us with lots of names and dates. Now is the time for Anderson to catch up!

Incidentally, we are always delighted to receive photographs for publication, either in hard copy or if possible as 600dpi scans. Hard copies will be returned promptly if required.

We’re on Facebook, as well

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In an effort to reach more readers, ipohWorld is now on Facebook. Do become a fan and invite your friends as well. More interesting contents and discussions will be uploaded soon. Stay tuned!

One for the Album….

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Here we have two gentlemen posing outside the Perak Chinese Rubber Association. We think the picture was probably taken after 1959, since that was the year the building was built.

Since we know nothing about the place, we’d like to ask any of you out there: Do you know where in Ipoh this building is? (or if it’s not in Ipoh, then which other town).

‘…Mama, don’t I look cute? ‘

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This little girl is standing by the famous Sultan Yussuf Fountain. This fountain is at a roundabout; which connects Brewster Road, Tambun Road, Gopeng Road and Hugh Low Street. The fountain was donated by the Turf Club, as part of their attempts to beautify Ipoh. The Turf Club also came up with the Japanese Garden – which is along Tambun Road.

Ipoh’s Airport, 1978

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The Ipoh Airport started out as a private airfield in the 1930s. It was only in 1947 that the first commercial flight was introduced. Later, in the 1980s, the airport runway was extended.

Here we have a photograph of a family at the Ipoh Airport, taken in 1978. In the background (top, left) is the airport’s control tower. Recently, there were plans to further extend the runway as well as other ideas for a make-over. Anyone out there know what’s the latest news on this?

….in the days before Malls and Video Games….

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Jubilee Park was once Ipoh’s foremost entertainment centre. Built by the Danish architect BM Iversen, some of the attractions within this 4-acre park were the Grand Theatre, the Chinese Concert Hall and the Jubilee Cabaret. Interestingly, it was originally called the ‘Ipoh Amusement Park’, but later the owners (the Shaw Brothers of course!) renamed it ‘Jubilee Park’ in 1935 – in honour of King George V’s Silver Jubilee.

Sadly, the Jubilee Park of today is but a shell of its former self. I do wonder what has become of it…

Priceless Artistry in Ipoh? “Ah Fatt’s Car”

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A wander around Kampung Kuchai in the heart of Ipoh certainly gives the photographer something to concentrate on. We have featured the area before with the old house, the Beetle and the MG Magnette, but nothing as artistic as this (literally) heap of junk.

Here we have a real piece of artistry! How the owner managed to get all of that stuff piled on the roof of the van to actually stay there, I just don’t know.

Obviously proud of his work the artist has left his name and telephone number and entitled the work “Ah Fatt’s Car”. Perhaps he is waiting for one of the London galleries to call him to an art exhibition. After all this is far more interesting and colourful than much of the so-called art they display.

…..the year was 1967….

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….when ‘Alvarez Kelly’ was being shown in Ruby Theatre. (Yes, on the far right is the cinema hall which was part of the Lau Ek Ching building, along Anderson Road.)

William Holden played a ‘suave Mexican cattleman’ named Alvarez Kelly who unwillingly found himself caught in a Civil War. Well, to those of you who saw the movie – you know what happened next!

Facing the camera is the Federal Hotel and Restaurant. From what Google told us, the hotel is STILL there! Somewhere behind this hotel is another cinema – Cathay. Incidentally, Cathay was showing ‘One of Our Spies is Missing’ – a movie from the famed ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E’ series.

I wonder how many Solo and Kuryakin fans saw the movie!!

Armed and Dangerous?

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The Home Guard was part of a defence strategy during the Malayan Emergency. Their role was a ‘static local defence’, and ‘manning of checkpoints’ to cut of supplies to CTs, particularly in the area of the New Villages. The Home Guard were said to release the police and military for counter-terrorist ops.

Here we have two women from the Kinta Valley Home Guard, taken on the 2nd of March 1953 (the one on the right is holding a Bren gun). These were trained at a camp in Ipoh and were specifically for guarding the tin mines in Perak. They were all Chinese and founded by Towkay Lau Pak Kuan, as President of the Perak Chinese Tin Mining Association, with permission from General Templar, the British High Commissioner. Formed in 1952, some 4000 members were recruited, trained and armed by the government. In 1954 it is recorded that 323 different mines were defended by this “Chinese Home Guard”. They were operational until the end of the Emergency.

 (If I were a CT, I’d know better than to get in their way!)

‘Born to be Wild’ !

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I’ve heard of the “Hell’s Angels” and other such motorcycle enthusiasts in America, but this one was quite a surprise – The Perak Lambretta Club!

We don’t know WHERE these ‘fans’ lined up for a pose but we think the date was 1960. To what we know, the club was founded by (naturally) a motorcycle enthusiast William Pillay (the adopted son of Sybil and Dr A C Kathigasu). Incidentally, William was also a member of the Automobile Association of Malaya.

If anyone out there knows more about this photograph or about the club, do leave us a comment.
If any of you were a biker, do entertain us with tales from your ‘wild-days’…..

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