Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation
Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

March 2015

Standard 2B, St Michael’s Institution

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OLOLoldpics050picture from Mr & Mrs Rasiah Anakili – click to enlarge

We recognise Bro Pius Kelly, who was the 9th Brother Director of St Michael’s Institution, seated in the centre. Do you know who are the teachers on his left and right? Were you in Standard 2B, class of 1956? If so, where are YOU in the photograph?

The Hopoh Association

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Have you heard of the Hopoh Association? The Hopoh Association is formed by members from the Hopoh area of Guangdong, China. They speak the Hakka dialect but with the Hopoh intonation which is quite different. The picture below shows the Perak Hopoh Association, celebrating their 9th anniversary. The building in the background is along Jalan Che Tak, Ipoh.

20071213-002click picture to enlarge

We’d love to hear comments from you, especially if you recognise some of the people in this picture….

The Malim Nawar Story Continues….

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We’ve had such an overwhelming response on our previous posts about the Perak Hydro Plant at Malim Nawar, which led us to uploading this photo (see below).

IMG_0724click to enlarge

This photograph was sent to us via email from Richard Saxey. His father – Frederic James Saxey – was the Superintendent at the power plant back in the 1960s. We thank Richard for this photo (which is part of collection of photographs he sent us). Those of you who were part of the ‘Perak Hydro family’ may recognise these faces. Could we have some names please?

Book Launch: Iversen – Architect of Ipoh and Modern Malaya

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Iversen_Ipoh launchclick poster to enlarge


For those of you who have been waiting patiently, well keep this Sunday 22nd March 2015 free!

The Iversen book is finally out and will be launched at:

Venue: Sarang Paloh Event Hall,   No.16, Jalan Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low Street), Ipoh

Time: 2.30 pm


Come meet the author – Ruth Iversen Rollitt – in person!


Relief on a hot day!

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floatpicture taken by Christopher

Nothing like an ice cream float on a scorching day, eh? Well, this thirst-quenching float was bought at Loke Wooi Kee Cafe (@RM3.10), along Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri (formerly known as Clare Street).Incidentally, we found out that the cafe has been in business for four generations.

 Any fans of ice cream floats out there? From past blog comments, I know there are quite a few root beer float lovers…


The Dunlop Rubber Company HQ

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This was formerly the headquarters for the Dunlop Rubber Company in Ipoh, which was behind the railway station.

As you can see in the pictures (above and below) this building has long been abandoned.


These pictures (donated by Kinta Heritage Group) were taken back in 2009; from what we were told this place has been converted into a Hindu Temple.


Book Launch: ‘Phoenix Rising – Pioneering Chinese Women of Malaysia’

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“Through the centuries Chinese women have had to struggle under a load of injustices – denial of education, ineligibility to sit the civil service examinations and hold official posts, female infanticide, selling of daughters, concubinage, foot binding – just to name a few. They had largely remained silent because they did not have a voice. As China descended to abject poverty in the nineteenth century, the lot of Chinese women became even worse.”

This latest book by Dr Ho Tak Ming will be launched at the Symphony Suits on 21st March 2015, at 4pm.
Retail price of this book is RM 70, but you can buy it at RM 50 on launching day.
You will also get a chance to meet Prof Lynn Hollen Lees (from America) who incidentally wrote the foreword for this book.


Did you own a MOBO?

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20100307-013bpicture from: Leong Kai Loong, Ipoh

Did you own a Mobo horse when you were young? My cousins and I used to play on a Triang car – which was passed down to us from our uncles.

We had great fun with that car, pretending we were adults driving through town (but in fact, we only circled the garden!).

What were YOUR favourite toys growing up?

Han Chin Pet Soo – Featured in the Star Metro!

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Once an exclusive place meant only for the higher class tin miners and triad members, the Han Chin Pet Soo (Han Chin Villa) at Jalan Bijeh Timah in Ipoh is now opening its doors to the public.

The villa underwent a 15-month restoration work and has been turned into an exhibition centre that showcases the history of the Han Chin Miners’ Club and the tin-mining glory days of yesteryear.

The centre’s curator and project manager, Ian Anderson, said the villa was formerly a double-storey building before it was rebuilt into the three-storey structure it is today.

(more can be read here – http://www.thestar.com.my/Metro/Community/2015/03/11/Remembering-the-past-Ipoh-folk-proud-to-work-together-to-showcase-their-unique-legacy/)


We’re not ones who blow our own trumpet, but we are proud of this project of ours.

For those of you who haven’t visited Han Chin Pet Soo / Han Chin Villa do make your reservations at: www.ipohworld.org/reservation



‘Girls Just Want to have Fun’

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20100124-004bpicture from: Ho Hoo Wan, Ipoh

These lovely ladies are part of the Form V batch of 1958 – from Sultan Yussuf School, Batu Gajah.

They were some of the many youngsters who attended the Farewell Dinner.

We have the names of these beauties….

Standing from left to right they are:  Thong Mee Len, Poh Ching, Nelly Maniksha, Leelavathy, Tessie Perira, Anna Yoong.

Sitting from left to right:  Lim Yoke Siew, Ho Kuan Thye, Cheah Soo Har, Chan Yoke Heng, Choong Chin Choo, Wong Choong Yoon and Loh.


If you are one of the above ladies in the picture, do share your memories with us!

The Nazareth Kindergarten, 1970

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CCparty2Farewell Party for Fr Ciatti, April 1970 (click to enlarge)

CCparty1Christmas Party, Nazareth Kindergarten. Catholic Centre, Ipoh. 10th November 1970 (click to enlarge)


These photographs were taken from Michael Ho’s collection. It wasn’t that long ago, so I’m sure some of you might remember this kindergarten.

Today, this building is still standing….but it’s no longer the Catholic Centre; it’s now a thrift store, where most items are sold for RM 2.

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